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Apprentice is a mobile application designed by university professors for internships and other field experiences. Our own experiences as supervisors, professionals, and former students were central to creating a mobile solution that made internship supervision more efficient. In other words, we became tired of using numerous software applications (online file sharing, third party email, spreadsheets, mapping, etc.) to do the job of facilitating internship supervision when we can design a solution that allows supervisors to use just ONE application!

User Friendly

Created by Counselors

Our software is designed by counselors and counselor educators to create a user friendly platform for students and supervisors.



Whether counselors are working in educational or health care settings, it is imperative that any software designed be compliant with relevant federal laws. HIPAA/FERPA Compliance remains a top priority within the design and development of Apprentice Software.


Recording Capabilities

Apprentice offers recording capabilities to allow students and supervisors to audio record counseling/supervision sessions for further review and observation during practicum and internship experiences. Recordings are stored on a secure server with limited access assigned by internship coordinators and supervisors.


Monitor Student Progress

We offer a more effective way to provide transparency while monitoring counseling students’ progress, during the student evaluation process, and while tracking student goals. The goal is simple, to make supervision more effective for students and supervisors. Spend more time on what matters in supervision.


Apprentice centralizes the aspects of supervising interns that used to give us a headache. It’s a one-stop spot for collecting paperwork and recordings, disseminating readings, sharing resources, and tracking student progress. It also helps us better plan site visits, communicate with site supervisors, and run reports required to keep up with accreditation requirements and program goals.

Most important, is what Apprentice can do for students. Apprentice offers transparency so students can track their own progress through evaluations, hours logged, and goal setting. Its ease of use allows them to utilize students’ own mobile devices to manage every part of their internship experiences.

Reasons Apprentice is the Solution

Transparency – students can view goals, hours logs, and evaluations to know how they are doing and what they need to work on.

Continuity – student learning is a continual process. The ability to transfer information such as goals and midterm/final evaluations to supervisors across semesters creates continuity.

Direct observation – a secure way to access timely work samples allows for substantive and timely feedback. Push notifications help supervisors know when audio recordings and case notes are ready for review.

Data – the security of student and client data is paramount as is the appropriate access to data so it can be efficiently used to support student learning, improve training, and comply with accreditation standards.


Dialogue – students and supervisors can mark sections of audio recordings using comments or pictures, creating an ongoing dialogue.

Why We Built Apprentice

  • Apprentice allows me to spend more time providing good supervision and giving timely feedback to students. Apprentice even allows me to map individual student sites so I can more easily plan for site visits!

    — Adria Shipp, PhD, LPC —
  • I spend a lot of time compiling data from multiple sources. Apprentice can do the work for me. It will allow me to aggregate internship data for accreditation reporting and quality improvement.

    — Elysia Clemens, PhD, LPC —
  • Apprentice is not just a solution for supervision, IT IS THE SOLUTION.

    — Adam McKinstrie —

Our Team

Research Education Finance Technology

Our software is developed by a team with years of experience in education and mobile technology.  We are passionate about improving education through innovation.



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We would like to recognize our partner that made Apprentice possible:

University of Northern Colorado


FAQ's for Academics and Techies

FAQs for Programs and Students

Apprentice is designed by counselor educators to meet the practical needs, align with CACREP accreditation standards, and adhere to ethical, legal, and best practice standards for supervision.

• All paperwork (e.g., contracts, case conceptualizations, hours logs, student goals, directories of site supervisors, etc) are in one system.

• Continuity of training can occur by easily transferring student records to new supervisors.

• Data are HIPAA and FERPA secure.

• Mobile-first! Students and supervisors are not tied to a desktop computer to access or send information through Apprentice.

iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and desktops/laptops using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Note. Supervisors (University or Site) can access all features from either mobile device or desktop computers.

Yes, students may use the desktop version for some features (e.g., writing case notes, logging hours, setting goals) as a convenience.
Yes.  Data will be stored on your device via 256 bit encryption.  Once a secure connection is established, data will be transmitted to secure servers via 256 bit encryption.
Let students and supervisors know in advance that the program has adopted Apprentice, as it may inform their decisions when they upgrade/purchase mobile devices. For example, as part of new student orientation, programs may wish to let students know that Apprentice is the application that will be required during practicum and internship as well as a system requirement so students are making informed decisions when they upgrade/purchase mobile devices.

Purchasing a compatible mobile device such as an iPod Touch that is used for two semesters is similar to the cost of purchasing one text book per semester and does not require a monthly data plan subscription.

Some programs may choose to purchase a departmental ‘set’ so that there are some mobile devices available for loan or rent to students on an as needed basis.

No problem, it only takes a few clicks to assign/remove a university or site supervisor.
We understand that programs have invested a lot of time and thought into their materials. There is a document repository where students and supervisors may upload forms and documentation (e.g., internship contracts, copies of liability insurance, consent to audio record).

Hours log:  Some fields are standard (e.g., direct/indirect hours; individual counseling, group counseling). There are customizable fields so that programs can choose to require tracking of specific types of hours.

Goals:  The format for rating goals is standard. The content of the goal is written by students or supervisors.

Case Notes:  ICASE Notes is a standard template for submitting notes for supervisory purposes. This is not intended to replace case notes at a site.

Midterm/Final Evaluations:  The evaluation forms that are standard in Apprentice are grounded in the Discrimination Model and aligned with CACREP standards. Programs may change any/all of the content of these items if desired.

We have developed a document that summarizes [from our perspective] data that may be helpful to programs as they develop responses to CACREP standards. It is up to each program to determine the degree to which a given data point captures how their program meets a standard. Some data points may capture how a program meets a standard fully others may be part of the picture. In other words – we want to be helpful and we aren’t your site team or CACREP Board.
Please ask your IT department to review the FAQs for University IT and contact us with any additional questions.

FAQs for IT Departments

No, Apprentice is a stand-alone software system. Data may be easily exported from Apprentice if a program wishes to upload data into a learning management system or another database.
Users may record confidential client sessions and enter notes/comments on these sessions.  All potential PHI is stored on HIPAA secure servers.  All student demographic, progress/goals, and hours logged falls under FERPA.  For more details on this, please read our Privacy Policy.
Yes. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
All PHI is stored on TrueVault’s HIPAA secure server.  PHI is also encrypted during transmission to TrueVault’s servers.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details on this.
Apprentice does not use international services. Hosting and support are domestic.
No. Location services are not part of this application.
Each university will have separate secure instances within the hosting environment. Anonymized, aggregate data may be downloaded by developers to facilitate research consistent with the data privacy policy and terms of agreement and ethical standards for research. No client information (case notes; audio recordings) will be available for research.
The standard of practice for recording clients sessions for training supervisory purposes is that clients (for minors, their guardians) sign a consent to audio recordings. This practice of requesting consent to tape for purpose of using audio recordings for supervision is standard practice in the field of Counselor Education. With the exception of the audio recordings, there are no other implications for the client/counselor agreement.

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